Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet: How it Got Here

The Internet has become an integral way of communicating information across vast distances almost instantaneously. To a lot of peoples knowledge, the terms Internet and World Wide Web are used interchangably without knowing the difference between the two. The differences can be viewed by looking at the Internet as a phyiscal element or hardware, and the World Wide Web being viewed as software that is a part of the Internet. Besides the World Wide Web, the Internet is made of with other softwares such as emails, chats and FTP's.

One major function that was integrated with the creation of the Internet is the use of packets and packet switching. A packet is data that is sent through a channel through a newtwork from one terminal to another. This theory was started by ARPA net, whcih started within the military, used packet switching to send packets through the path of least resistance.